Spanish levels, description of the 6 different levels of Spanish according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages

Nivel A1

Speakers can understand and use common expressions and simple phrases for satisfying immediate needs. Speakers can introduce themselves and they can request and give basic information.

They can also maintain basic interaction in the language as long as their conversation partners speak slowly and clearly.

Nivel A2

Speakers have the ability to understand commonly used expressions and phrases related to topics that are particularly relevant for them.

They can communicate when carrying out simple, everyday tasks using simple terms. They can describe aspects about the past and matters related to immediate needs.

Nivel B1

Speakers can understand the main points of texts written in clear, standard language about topics they already have some knowledge of.

They can also get by in most types of situations that can arise in a country where Spanish language is spoken. They can also produce simple texts on familiar topics.

He/she can describe experiences, events, wishes and aspirations as well as briefly defend opinions or explain plans.

Nivel B2

He/ She can understand the main points of complex texts on concrete and abstract topics, even  technical ones as long as these are within the speaker’s specialized field.

They can fluently and naturally communicate with native speakers. He/ She can produce clear and detailed texts about a wiede variety of topics and they can defend their point of view on general topics

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Speakers have the ability to understand long texts with  implicit,  demanding meanings.

They can express themselves fluently and spontaneously without showing effort to find the appropriate expression, word.

He/ She can make flexible and effective use of the Spanish language in social, academic  and professional contexts as well as  produce clear, detailed and well-structured texts  on complex topics.

Nivel C2

They are able to reconstruct information from a diverse range of spoken and written sources and present them in a coherent and summarized way.

Speakers express themselves spontaneously and with great fluency and accuracy even in highly complex situations.

He/ She understands almost everything he/ she hears and reads.