Ciudadela de Pamplona
Encierro, cultura y tradición

Pamplona, touristic city with culture and tradition.

Pamplona is so much more than San Fermín festival and the Running of the Bulls. Come to study Spanish in Pamplona and you will get to know  a quiet and safe city with a very high quality of life; a modern, friendly city  with a traditional cuisine, and a lively night life.

Pamplona (Iruña in Basque language) is the capital city of the Autonomous Community of Navarra. Navarra borders on France  to the north, on the Basque Country to the west, on La Rioja to the southwest and on Aragón to the southeast.

Plaza de toros
Programa Bray Demi Pair
Cultura Pamplona

Pamplona is a city built for walking; in an hour you can get around most of the city on foot or by bus; the city has available an efficient public bus system. Pamplona is one of the greenest cities in Europe with the  most square meters dedicated to parks and pedestrian areas. Besides its museums and monuments, through which we get to know its History, Pamplona is also part of the Pilgrims Way to Santiago de Compostela and there are two universities. In Pamplona you will enjoy walking around its century- old walls and its historical centre, you will enjoy its parks and taste its delicious  pinchos/tapas.

Pamplona has a population of around 200.000 inhabitants. Not many people speak English in Pamplona and that provides you the typical environment to learn Spanish and improve your skills. Moreover, the Spanish accent in Pamplona is both clear and easy to understand for our students. The city also enjoys a large number of students thanks to its two universities and this leads to a young, lively atmosphere.

Castillo de Javier, cultura y arquitectura Navarra
Selva de Irati, turismo Pamplona
Urederra, alrededores Pamplona
Bardenas Reales, naturaleza Navarra