Espalang is an educational services agency with more than 20 years of experience. During these 20 years we have tried to provide the best educational experiences for our students, both academically and personally, helping them to learn new languages, get to know new cultures and ways of doing and seeing the world while helping them to get to know themselves better and develop skills that make them better people and professionals. Espalang has two areas of work, Outgoing(to learn languages such as English, French, German) and Incoming.


Educational experiences

Espalang offers the following programmes and services for those who wish to learn the following languages: English, French and German

English: English courses in Ireland, England, Canada and the United States.


In Ireland we offer the following destinations, Cork, Dublin and Bray.


England: We offer English courses for adults in London, Manchester and Newcastle.


Canada: We offer the following destinations for English courses for adults: Toronto and Vancouver.


United States: We offer the following destinations for adult English courses: Boston, New York and San Francisco.


France: For French language lovers, Espalang offers the following destinations: Paris, Bordeaux and Biarritz.